I'm sure every hairstylist would say they have the best clients, but I really think I do. A few of my clients have been kind enough to share their thoughts.

West Coast Male Client Testimonials

"Suzanne's the only one who gets it right every time.  When once or twice I snuck behind her back to another chair, it looked like Holy Heck* less than three weeks later!” ~Chuck Rosene

“I have been a client of Suzanne's since her daughter was a little girl. Ottilia has now graduated from college.  My hair has changed in the passing years, but Suzanne's talent with cut and color has kept me looking great.” ~ Dirk Epperson

"For nearly twenty years now, I have had confidence in how my hair looks.  I know I can trust Suzanne to handle my cut and color with both subtlety and style"
~ John Russo

East Coast Client Testimonials

“I do love working with Suzanne on my image. As a professional who travels to Washington DC for meetings in Congress and at the White House, I need to look my best with ease. The quality and craftsmanship of Suzanne’s work is perfect.” ~ Kathy Ko Chin (pictured above shaking hands with President Obama)

“I moved to DC temporarily and I have just never found a hairstylist I like as much as Suzanne Whenever I come home to Oakland, I do whatever I can to get into see her.  My colleagues in DC notice and compliment me- they notice the difference!”  ~ Carol G. 

“My husband and I both went to Suzanne to get sophisticated new haircuts for a move to Washington DC. The new haircuts were great. We keep coming back (yes, 3000 miles) every chance we get. In fact Mark had an appointment with Suzanne this past weekend!”   ~Lucia & Mark Savage