Fall Notes

Dear Clients and Friends,


What a whirlwind this past year has been.  I completely fell off writing my newsletters and Bloggs which is one of the ways I stay connected to you “beyond the chair”.  Between travel and becoming a grandmother I have been a bit distracted and have broken my own rules of staying on top of “working on my business as well as in my business”. 


Lucky for me I have the best clients in the world and my 35 years as a hairstylist have stood me in good stead in this social media frenzied world we live in today.

Yes, 35 years!  Wow I can hardly believe it!  So I have truly taken stock and decided to make a decision which is momentous for me.  As of January 2020 I will not longer have appointments available on Saturdays.  I have been able to tell most of you in person, which is my preferred way to communicate whenever possible, and I truly appreciate your support and understanding. I will be in the salon weekdays except every other Thursday when I will be in my new role as Glamma, taking care of Isla, my beautiful little grand daughter.  


Speaking of the salon, now is the time to plan your holiday appointments and think about your look for fall and winter.  One of the newest trends this season is the Shag.  I have been reviewing the technique for this cut and it’s a fun new twist on an old trend.  


Speaking of trends, grey transition is all the rage. If you or someone you know is ready to take the plunge and give up artificial color let’s talk soon, this is one of my specialties…


Let’s get ready for fall;  book your appointment today! 


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