Dear Clients and Friends,


This letter is to say a huge thank you for all the years of patronage, love and support of me and my businesses.


On October 1 2020, after 40 plus years of working full-time, I stepped way-back from the salon chair and way-into retirement life. As the date grew closer, I was and I still am all over the place with many feelings and uncertainties about how to navigate this next stage.


What did this mean for you? It meant I no longer had appointments available for a full-time clientele.


And, you may know that I am keeping the tip-off-my-scissors in the studio. I will continue to provide limited haircutting and gray-hair transition services.  This will allow me to stick to a post-retirement one-day a week schedule. For more information contact me directly at the contact information below.


To mark this occasion, I had a wonderful retirement party, check out my blog for photo’s and videos.  Next, I went on a celebratory trip which included a week sailing the Atlantic Ocean on the Queen Mary 2.


Upon my return I am turning my attention to what it means to be an older, wiser, experienced, master of my trade.

As space in my life opens up I will take the opportunity to grow Swans Studios, to mentor, coach and consult within and beyond the salon industry.


With more free time I will enjoy my granddaughters, my family, friends and hobbies.


I know from many of you that the retired life is a busy life and I am grateful to join the club.


Love, Suzanne.


For future appointments call 510-545-2955 or email, or click here to book online. 

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