Mid-Year Hello

Dear Clients and Friends,
Gosh the year is flying by!  And, as probably can be predicted, life for me is the same and different.  For the first half of this past year I was swept up in wedding fever, my daughter was married on June 3, yippee! It was a new experience for me to be the mother of the bride and a member of the wedding party, rather than one of the hair stylists busily preparing the bride and the wedding party for the big day.
Thank goodness Swans Studios is going strong, yet it is also the same and different. This past January, La Tasha Lathen joined us.  La Tasha is a curly hair expert, check out her website, https://www.hairapysession.com and check out her cute studio space, the front private studio next time you are in. Our other stylist, Marisa and I are staying the course for now, enjoying our wonderful clients and the stability of many years behind-the-chair.  So I know that this means this is the time for me to take stock and plan for the remainder of 2017. 
For my hair clients and friends:
Are you ready for a summer cut and color?  Is it time to go short and sassy for the long summer days?  How about a few highlights or lowlights, or a splash of bold color just for fun? Did you hear that the perm is back?  I did loads of perms in the 80’s; so I’m your girl if you need a curl or two!  And, I can offer the opposite, how about smoothing out those natural waves for a smoother less bulky head of hair?  Let’s consult!  To book an appointment; https://www.vagaro.com/suzannevanhouten#.UlXbpBD4KbI or contact me at 510-545-2955.  
For my business consulting clients:
First breathe, then pat yourself on the back for making it to the mid point of the year.  I do hope you are planning to take some time off over the summer.  It is important to recharge our batteries before the busy Fall and Holiday Seasons. 
Earlier this year my marketing person resigned for personal reasons.  I took a marketing break for a few months.  I just started working with a new marketing assistant, Sara; we have planned out the next three months of salon promotions, reviewed my social media strategy and set up our next meeting.  I cannot do this part alone.  Now that Sara is handling this part of my business I can focus on the remainder of the year and who, what, why, where, how and when I can grow my businesses.
I need a team.  Who’s on your team?  I’d love to hear about your situation today.  To book a Consulting Appointment, email me at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com or call me at 510-545-2955.
Also, please visit my blog, where you will find specials and photos and more!  http://svhrunsbusinesseswithscissors.blogspot.com
All the best and happy summer,
Sincerely, Suzanne.

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